Internet Protocol Telephony


Internet Protocol (IP) telephony is the type of telecommunication connection that is set up in such a way that there is a computer-telephony integration that allows information to be shared between different devices that use IP's packet-switched connections to effect information exchange. Communication services are made possible by use of an IP telephony service provider company whose purpose is to ensure that connections are set up between specific networks that need to send and receive information between each other while allowing other external networks also to communicate. The calls and fax information travels in the form of packets over the internet instead of using the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network.

The communicating devices are all converged into a single communication environment where there is an efficient exchange of information between the devices while external networks are also allowed to connect into that network and send or receive information as long as it has been allowed access. There are many advantages of using this type of telephony for communication as opposed to using the traditional method.

The first advantage is that the cost of installation of the relevant resources both hardware and software is considerably lower than that of installing analog telephone lines. You only need to install a few lines that can be shared within different communicating devices in the company which is switched on and off at different times to allow other communication channels to be established. 

The second advantage is that the cost of operation and maintenance is also affordable because the digital systems encounter small errors which can be detected and corrected quickly. The costs that are charged on making calls and exchanging information as demanded by communication agencies are also avoided because internet communication does not depend on any network allocation by any company. The ability to avoid these charges means that the organization can save a lot of money.
The third advantage is that the IP telephony devices from Yealink Dubai are not limited regarding places where they can function because they only rely on satellite signals and internet connectivity and they can, therefore, be used in many places around the earth. This makes them efficient and dependable for important communication purposes.

Lastly, IP telephony PABX System Dubai allows for transcription of voicemail messages into email form, and therefore you are saved from the trouble of having to go through voice messages from clients when you can read them in email format. This feature allows for efficient service delivery because you can read feedback from clients and serve them accordingly.