A Guide to IP Telephony


Traditionally, the use of the telephone was paramount. The telephone was the main method that was used to convey information. However, the introduction of the internet led to the decreased use of the telephones. However, the use of the telephone is slowly regaining ground but in a quite different form. Telephony basically means the study and application of the telephone technology. IP in the other abbreviation of internet protocol. The IP technology, therefore, the technologies that use the internet protocol to exchange voice, fax, and the other forms of communication. The internet protocols packet-switched connections are used instead of the old circuit switched connections. 

This IP Phone Systems has numerous advantages. The following are some examples of the benefits of the IP telephony system to an organization. First, there is a significant cost saving on phone calls. Organizations no longer need to pay for the charges asked by the telephone companies since the analog telephone lines are no longer needed. In the long run, this translates to lower operational costs. Moreover, the money that would have been used to pay the telephone company can be used to do other constructive things. 

The other advantage of the IP telephony system is better mobility and connectivity. The IP telephony uses the internet to transmit data, unlike the old telephone systems. This makes it possible to transmit date from anywhere on this planet provided there is internet connectivity. When using the IP phones, one does not need to change numbers. More so, there is no need of paying long distance charges. The charges of the IP telephony systems do not rely on the distance like the old wired telephone systems. The charges of the internet are always constant; this is why one does not to pay extra for long-distance calls.

There is also the advantage of the ease in the installation of the IP telephony system as well as the configuration. Installing these IP telephony systems is much easier than the traditional phone systems. However, there are some of the technologies that are used that have proven to be quite confusing to most people. The good news is that there are some people who understand these exclusive technologies. Understanding the IP phone system is also quite easier to people who are familiar with networks.

Finally, the IP telephony system like Yealink IP Phones is scalable in nature. These IP telephone systems are not restricted by a certain number of physical phone connections. Hence, if an organization is in need of new numbers, they can simply connect a new IP phone to the router.