Internet Protocol Telephony


Internet Protocol (IP) telephony refers to the process where packet switched IP connections are used to exchange information by use of fax or voice. The information in this mode is not conveyed using the traditional public switched networks but instead it makes use of packet switched networks. There are many advantages of using this method of telephony in your company.
The first benefit is that this mode leads to a long-term money-saving alternative mode of communication because the company can set up digital networks instead of the analog phone lines of the past. He cost of installing the telephony networks and resources can seem to be a bit high because of the technology that is required to run the connections, but the result is that you will be able to incur low costs. This is because digital systems and connections are easy to maintain and repair due to enhanced error detection and removal procedures.

The second advantage is that the feature of the network to allow communication over the internet means that you can be able to handle communication from anywhere in the world without worrying about the high phone charges that you would have paid if you used other methods of mobile communication. This aspect allows for mobility while the ability to make calls and send fax messages remains possible even with the change in environment due to the ability of the communication devices to link directly with the satellites in the universe. 

Thirdly, IP telephony feature supports other important things such as the ability to use a single line to communicate within different departments inside the organization and thereby reducing the cost of having to pay for installation and operation of many lines. You can, therefore, install a few telephone lines to link your company up with your customers, and other partners who might want to communicate with your management and the calls can be controlled efficiently using an automatic system from Yealink Distributor.

Lastly, IP telephony Yealink Voip Phones Abu Dhabi connections also allow for voicemail to email transcription which is a new feature that allows you to read the voice messages that your clients sent after they have been converted into a readable format. This feature provides room for convenience in communication because you do not have to listen to lengthy voicemails when you can just open your email account and go through all converted messages. It also allows for accountability since the emails can be used when you want to see how many people have been helped.